Highest Good

I am a blessed child of the Universe.  I walk in confidence, truth and grace knowing that my every step, my every breath leads me towards my highest good.  I willingly follow this path and trust that I am being shown the way towards my highest dreams, my heaven on earth. I know that all I desire is on its way and I ignore anything to the contrary.  There is nothing to fear. Divine Love Protects Me From All Harm. I Am Safe, I Am Loved.

A Walk in the Woods

I went for a walk in the woods.  Entering the path I walked until I reached a bend in the road, where I sat down on a bench.  I could see the continuing path on one side of me and on the other the path I had just walked. From my sitting position both paths were equal in my vision.  Here I was in the middle, the present moment.  Behind me the past in front of me the future, but the only true reality was the moment on the park bench.

I became very still in contemplation.  I saw the two paths as a symbol of duality.  If I allowed my mind to go in either direction I would leave the undeniable peace of the moment, in a sense I would leave reality.

The wind picked up and I heard rustling in the leaves on the tree directly in front of me.  I was totally in the full experience of the now.  I realized how truth, spirit, God, has no sound; it is silent until it moves through something in the physical world, like the wind was moving the leaves on the tree creating such a beautiful sound.

I looked down on the path beneath my feet and saw how each pebble had its place, its purpose.  I was feeling a reverence for everything and I felt a reverence in return. What is normally experienced as here and over there was disappearing, I was disappearing.  Or I should say separateness was disappearing and the identification with a separate “me” was being absorbed into the Oneness.  The “I” definition that creates a distinct me from everything else was leaving.  I was part of everything around me.  Colors became so vivid, time stood still and everything was more alive.  Vibrant light and a pulsating high energy embraced me.  Breathing slowed down, almost seeming still.  I felt a powerful energy slightly above my eyes between the eyebrows.  Spellbound would be an understatement, I was in absolute bliss.  No desire to move, to know, label or analyze. I don’t really know how long the experience lasted but at some point the “I” slowly began to return.  It was as if I had been on a long blissful journey.  It was an effort to return and an effort to move.  I just allowed the experience to end on its own accord.  When I was able to stand and walk I continued on the path.  With each step I continued in the now, not allowing my mind to go back or forward.  There was beauty and grace in each step I took.   As I reflect back there really are no words that can truly define the experience.  It is like trying to point to something that we have not yet created words for.

Dare to face the sun

Do I dare face the sun?
Come out of the shadows into the light?
Reveal myself, not for you, but, for me?

If I choose darkness, how can I grow?

So here I stand behind my illusion of strength……
Knees knocking…A little afraid…No room to hide..No place to run….I dare to face the sun!

A love beyond the self

I entered into a side of existence once thought separate but had been waiting patiently to be discovered.  It grants Peace, Grace, and Bliss.  In this sweet surrender I find Light, Love and Joy in the pure beingness of life.

Through a gateway in consciousness I crossed a threshold where the Divine and Human became One. The Spiritual danced with the physical and the temporary united with the Eternal.

I seem to float just barely above the ground moving effortlessly in a sea of liquid energy.   A shimmering light surrounds all that my eyes fall upon. There is a profound silence not heard before and tears of ecstasy stream down my face.

All hard edges soften as boundaries disappear and I am held in a shroud of warmth as if the sun is shining gently upon me.

In this completeness nothing is needed and Wholeness is understood.

I move deeper into a timeless awareness that has no beginning and no end.

Self image ceases as I awaken and the desire to become is replaced by the Truth of What Is. An egoless dimension of an ultimate reality unfolds before me. I am all and nothing, empty and full.  Perception is clear and I am free from the pre-conditioned mind.

There is freshness in the air and shadows slowly dissolve into the light releasing me into liberation as I willingly surrender to a love beyond the self.

House of Mirrors

A house of mirrors is a traditional attraction at carnivals and amusement parks. The basic concept behind a house of mirrors is to be a maze-like puzzle. In addition to the maze, participants are also given mirrors as obstacles, and glass panes to parts of the maze they cannot yet get to. Sometimes the mirrors may be distorted because of different curves, convex or concave in the glass to give the participants unusual and confusing reflections of themselves.

Going through life looking toward others for self worth, approval, love, happiness etc. can be much like walking through a house of mirrors. You might find yourself feeling lost not knowing how to get out of what can feel like a perpetual state of confusion.

We can however change our focus from an outward focus to an inward focus. When we do this we eventually come to see our true selves. It may take sometime of inward focus before we make contact with our true self. Sometimes it is hidden under many, many layers of a false self (conditioning) what we experience as our personality or persona (mask-false self). Once we make contact with our true self, we become less confused. We no longer feel lost and find inner clarity. We cease to feel “out of focus”. We stop looking outside ourselves for our own reflection. We become “real”, we become our true self.
We realize if someone is acting in non loving ways towards us it is a projection of them and not a reflection of us. (It is also true that if we are acting in unloving ways towards others, we are projecting something unhealed in ourselves onto them.) We simply need to remain still without reaction and allow the clarity of our inner mirror to act as a deflector (to prevent, redirect, repel). The person projecting their distortions in our direction will either have to face their own projections or move on to someone else who has not yet discovered their inner mirror. Unfortunately these people will go round and round in a maze of confusion, taking turns projecting their distorted projections onto each other, trapped in a house of mirrors.

*It is important to note that once we are an adult we can no longer play victim to these distorted mirrors. As an adult we are 100% responsible for how we experience ourselves and therefore how we experience our life.

If we find ourselves around someone who is projecting distortions of who they think we are and if we are buying into and believing those distortions, we must understand that we have something to learn. If there was nothing to learn we would not react to or believe these distortions, they would not get our attention at all.

Do not make the mistake of believing that if you do have a person or persons in your life that are projecting distorted views about who they believe you to be, that this is somehow a failure on your part, this is not a failure. It is the process of moving towards unconditional love for your own self, it is the process of healing your fragmented self to become whole again. You will only be able to love others unconditionally by loving yourself unconditionally first.

There will come a time when you no longer are hooked into others views of you, others opinions of you. There will come a time when you will experience a great release, freedom, a state of grace. That time will come but you cannot hurry its arrival, it comes in its own time and cannot be forced.

Give yourself permission to allow the process of loving yourself unconditionally to unfold. ©Irma Francis

Imagine looking at a reflection of yourself in a mirror. The image appears to be an exact copy of what is real, but the image in the mirror is an exact opposite of what is real; your right hand is your left hand in the mirror. The truth is always distorted by the reflection.

When we are children, the mirrors around us hook our attention so we can see them, and what we see are distorted images of ourselves, according to their mood, according to the moment when those mirrors are reflecting back to us, according to whatever belief system they are using to justify their perceptions. The humans around us tell us what they believe we are, but there isn’t a clear mirror to reflect what we really are. All the mirrors are completely distorted. They project what they believe onto us, and almost everything they believe is a lie. We believe it or we don’t believe it, but when we are children, we are innocent and we believe almost everything. We put our faith in lies; we give them life, we give them power, and soon those lies are ruling our lives. ~ Don Miguel Ruiz & Don Jose Ruiz – The Fifth Agreement

What we really believe (subconsciously, rather than what we think we believe consciously) is being mirrored back to us in the form of our most intimate romantic relationships, friendships, businesses, and careers — and even in the condition of our health. The world is nothing more and nothing less than a reflection of what we believe, as individuals and collectively, consciously and subconsciously. ~Gregg Braden

Since fundamental consciousness is not a mental concept, and not an object of consciousness but consciousness itself, it is difficult to understand until one has experienced it. One image often used to convey the experience of fundamental consciousness is a mirror, because fundamental consciousness reflects everything it pervades, while remaining empty and unchanged itself. It is not transient like the inner and outer events it reflects. It holds steady like a mirror while each moment of sensation, emotion, thought, perception, and action occurs and vanishes in its reflection.

The un-attached mind acts like a perfect mirror, reflecting the qualities of good and bad that the mind discerns, yet never possessing them. It becomes free, like the limitless sky above that knows no boundary or end. ~ Judith Blackstone – The Enlightenment Process

My Prayer

I pray that I will not allow fear to creep into my mind and heart.  I pray that I can ignore the attempts of anyone to assign me a role, put a label over me or to try to define me through their own fear.  I pray for those who make attempts of dominance and control, I pray they receive freedom from their own darkness.  I pray that I will not fall into such delusions or resort in kind by trying to even the score through the ignorant action of tit for tat. I pray to live my life in the light of love and truth. 

Pure Awareness

What are feelings?  Who defined them as Anger, Sadness, Joy and all the ones in between? If we take the words away and all the definitions we have attached to them, would feelings not just be waves of energy, without the definitions that judge some as good and some as bad?  Isn’t it our thinking mind that creates this judgment?  Isn’t it our expectations of what should and shouldn’t be, that one feeling is better than another our judgments of “right and wrong” that create suffering?

It seems to me that if we are in a place of Love, Acceptance, and Oneness with what is in this moment (even those above mentioned have definition and attachments), if we take away all definition, all labels, what we have left is pure awareness.  Pure Awareness is a place of bliss, of so called enlightenment.  If we profess a belief in Oneness and are not in bliss, then we are not in Oneness, we are in separation.

So, if pure awareness is such a great place why is it that most people don’t live there?  We don’t live there because most of us are not here. If you are not here, where are you?  We spend most of our lives not really in our lives, in ourselves. Most of us are trying to change what was, what will be and what is.  Where does that leave us?  We spend our lives in a state of projection.  Projecting ourselves somewhere else then the place of what is, right here, right now.  In a way we enter into a virtual reality, not a “real” reality.  Trying to control anything is what prevents the experience of pure awareness, bliss, enlightenment (all the same thing). There may be things in the past that we have a hard time letting go of because we were hurt by something or someone and we can’t forgive (let go).  Or possibly something in the past felt so great that we want that feeling back.  Even if we have glimpsed bliss, pure awareness, enlightenment and it was so wonderful we want to get it that back. We cannot get it back from the place of wanting and desire, we can only have that experience again by allowing it to be, because the truth is pure awareness / enlightenment is always there, we leave it, all we need to do is surrender our virtual realities and open up to it.

We sometimes anticipate the future, we want to make it different, make it more than the now, this moment.  We cannot truly be here now if we are not here now…sounds funny doesn’t it? Where do we go if we are not present?  If we are not here, where are we? Are we living our lives in a fantasy, a dream?

From the place of anticipation, expectation  and desire there is no way to touch pure awareness, because the minute we want more then what is, we enter a state of lack, not enough. In trying to gain something more, we lose everything.  When we understand that who we are and what we have right here, right now is enough, we open ourselves up to pure awareness /enlightenment.

It has been said that depression comes from not letting go of the past (being stuck) anxiety is anticipating something that has not happened yet (the future).  If we let go of both and stay in pure awareness would we experience depression or anxiety?

Some of us will wrestle with the acceptance of this truth our whole lives by bouncing back and forth between past and future, depression and anxiety….struggle, struggle….suffer, suffer…In a way this is a form of insanity, illusion, trickery with our own minds.

Even “Love” has been given a definition. Definitions that we try to live up to and if people don’t fit those definitions then it is not love.  From the place of “Pure Awareness”, there is no imperfection; everything is perfect just as it is….everything, everyone, every creature, every experience…perfect.

A line from a song comes to mind,”If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.”  Maybe that one is you! And from the place of loving you, you love all, you love everything, you are love!

Somewhere along my way through life, I stopped knowing pure awareness.  I started believing something, someone, outside myself that gave me the message that I was not enough just as I was.  They fed me poison and I ate it.  I was bombarded with do this, don’t do that, be productive etc, etc.  I realize now that a lot of my angst and disturbance came from my reactions to these messages.  The intrusion into a world that I was experiencing as blissful, I was in pure awareness, I was pure awareness. But there were so many who seemed to be marching towards some set goal/goals of what we are “supposed” to be and to do.  Their duty was to teach me what I was supposed to be, for my own good.  They meant well.  Did I really have to become something, to be something…to become someone to be someone???  Maybe it is in the becoming that we lose what is most valuable, our being.

I was living in bliss “pure awareness” at ten years of age when I wrote…..

On this day – the sun shines – for no one, for everyone

The birds sing their song – for no one, for everyone

A butterfly breaks from his cocoon – for no one, for everyone

A rose slowly comes to bloom – for no one, for everyone

I write and I am – for no one, for everyone

The sun did not have to shine brighter; the birds did not have to sing louder, I did not have to day dream of something more than that moment.  In order to dream you have to be asleep, and at that moment I was awake, I knew I was perfect just the way I was.  I was as bright and warm as the sun, as cheery as the birds, as free as the butterfly and as beautiful as the rose, I still am, and so are you!


Peaceful Unfolding

If we have to force something into being, we have somehow gotten off our path and onto another.  What is true, of essence, of spirit never has to be forced. There is a natural flow to following spirit.

It is as natural as the rain that falls, the grass that grows, or the bird that sings.  Like the birds we instinctively know when the season is changing and in order to find nourishment, we must move on.  We cannot stay because we have become comfortable and our surroundings familiar.  We can move on without fear, trusting that we will be guided to a sunny, warm place where growth is most conducive and all we need provided for.  We can move on with the ease of a gentle breeze in Peaceful Unfolding.

©Irma Francis-2005

Love is a Choice

Love is a choice, a conscious choice we make.  It is a conscious choice when we choose to stop loving another, it is our own will that makes these choices.

Love is not something we find in another but rather something we decide to give to another.

When we are a healthy, complete and whole individual… in a sense we are full of ourselves and therefore able to give our love to another without feeling like we are loosing anything.

Love, compassion, understanding and tenderness all come from a place of completeness in ones own self and the desire to share that completeness with another.  True love does not give to get, it just gives.

 ©2005 Irma Francis

Life, Love, Family and Friends

The lights are out, it’s quiet now, as I lay here I think about, Life, Love, Family and Friends. The moon shines through my window casting shadows on the wall,  warm tears well up in my eyes when I think of having to say goodbye to Life, Love, Family and Friends.  Lord, give me one more day to feel the sunshine on my face, to hold my children in my arms, to run and laugh and cry.  Lord, give me one more day to thank you for….Life, Love, Family and Friends – I thank you, for Life, Love, Family and Friends

©2005 Irma Francis

Ceremony of Release

Slowly the walls grew thick around my heart.

I built layer after layer of protection until the walls were so thick they became a fortress that locked me in and others out.

Great Spirit,

I come here tonight to pray for forgiveness.

Forgiveness for the damage I have done to myself and to others by carrying this pain around. I am here tonight with a spark of light in my heart and a prayer that this light grows brighter and stronger until it is again joined with yours.

I see your light tonight in the moon and the stars. I see your light shining through the eyes of my friends – a light that guides us, that brought us here. With this prayer I release blaming others – I release holding them responsible for my happiness. I release anger over not receiving the love I needed as a child. I release guilt for not knowing how to love. I release confusion and self doubt. I release the need to suffer. I release all that is in the way from letting your light shine through me.

I pray for peace, healing and an open heart.

Thank-You Great Spirit for the time I have had and for the time that remains.

In Humble Appreciation,  Your Child

 ©2005 Irma Francis


It is only from the place of Spirit, of Oneness, that we can really love ourselves or others.  When we buy into the illusions of the ego and separateness we experience fear, which can bring with it the illusion that another has harmed us or that we have harmed another.  Fear can bring the illusion that we need someone or something to make us feel whole.  Fear is only an illusion, as is all the illusions that fear tries to manifest, such as anger and pain.  The only Truth is Love, the only Truth is Spirit.  When we allow ourselves to live in spirit, in love, we no longer live in a world of duality, right/wrong, black/white, good/bad.  In love, in spirit, and in truth, we live in stillness, peace and oneness.

©2005 Irma Francis


Maintaining the illusion of control can be an exhausting task.  At some point the task can become so burdensome an “awakening” is experienced.

Everyone has their own way of awakening.  In this awakening there is the experience of letting go.  When we are so tired and nothing else has worked, we start to give up control.  Even if we could, at this point, take back the illusion of control we are so tired and have been through so much, we are ready to let go.  Not that we stop fending for ourselves, but we realize we do not have all the answers.

We start to tune into a power greater than ourselves.  We start to trust this power and work in partnership with it.  Listen for its guidance and trust the whispers of wisdom; it is our job to get quiet enough to hear it.

When we let go, we start to be grateful for the little things in life – a bird sitting on a branch, the wind, the sunrise, the sunset, smiles received throughout the day, love given and received.  Life itself becomes full of wonder and adventure.  When we ourselves become full, we experience our true self, which is love, and see this in the world around us.  If we feel good that is what we see reflected back.

Peace to all who take this journey, for you are courageous!

May your life become full of wonder and adventure.

Different Roads

We travel alone down different roads; we search to find our way back home

Sometimes the road is clear with no obstacles in the way, sometimes we are so lost, like a needle in the hay

Can you hear the voice that whispers so gentle and so kind, take your time, don’t hurry, you are judged not by time

As we walk along we strengthen and we build just what will be needed when we reach another hill

The road seems never ending with no resting spot in sight, what we can’t see waits for us; through the dark we see a light

One thin beam that comes shining through, just enough to lead the way to the stars, the sun and the moon

Their light seems so familiar, what was lost now is found. In our hearts the same light shines, here on earth and heaven bound

Though our roads are different there is a meeting place, hurt, shame and rejection are gone without a trace

I’ve come to understand that I never was alone, the person I needed most I abandoned long ago.

I welcome her to walk with me down the roads I’ve yet to roam, I hope to see you along the way….On your journey towards home

The Ride

Life is like riding a bicycle.  To keep your balance you must keep moving. 

~ Albert Einstein ~

Remember when you were a kid and learning how to ride a bike?  How you kept trying and trying, you would fall, get back up and try again.  Then there were those moments when you would go a bit of a distance and you got a sense, a feel of balance.  You learned what to do and what not to do in order to keep your balance.

Now, you have got it, you can ride your bike without much effort involved, without much thinking involved, you get on and go.  Of course sometimes there are obstacles that cross your path and sometimes these obstacles can temporarily throw you off balance, sometimes they may even cause you to fall.  Depending on how bad you are thrown off balance, how hard you fall and how much damage is done determines your faith and willingness to get back on your bike, to find your balance and continue your ride.

Do you give in to fear?  Do you question the purpose of the ride? You may ask yourself why you should take a chance if you can fall and get hurt again.  What if you make a wrong turn and run smack into a brick wall?  How can you take that risk?  Maybe you should give up bike riding all together.

Oh, but you can’t because you do love that feeling when everything is in balance, when you have no  fear and you are  trusting your ability to keep your balance and to know where you are going so you don’t make any wrong turns.  There are those moments when you have such agility, such grace that you easily swerve around any obstacles on your path.

You become willing to forget all the hurt from all the falls, you become willing to try again.

If you continue to have faith in your balance, abilities and awareness, if you willingly risk the ride…..you will someday become a master bike rider and you will find a path that is so peaceful, so beautiful that it will feel like you are flying in heaven.  You will then know that the ride was worth every fall.

©Irma Francis

Innocent Wisdom

As children we are innocent, open channels to God/Good, we are vulnerable and free in Spirit. We are connected to “The Main Source of Love”.  Most children are not consciously aware of this connection.  In fact could it be the analyzing of adults to try to understand the theories of God that prevent them from that full connection that children have, because of their innocence they are in total trust. Unless and until something breaks that connection (which happens quite often) they go on trusting but not even knowing they are doing it.  And as often happens something of this world touches them in a way that hurts, that contradicts the innocent and free spirit of a child.  The reaction usually is one of fear and they begin to form a shield of protection to keep out the harm. If they do not have parents who can guide them back to love and openness and away from fear, (being closed and protected) they will continue to build layer after layer of protection until they are so far away from the God Source of Love that they forget their True Self. The bad news and the good news…..this happens to most of us but we can return to innocence.

As adults we know the ways of the world. There are things and people in this world that can cause harm.  As adults we can develop and strengthen our Wisdom through practicing the Principles of Mindfulness, Love and Forgiveness.  We can redirect our thoughts and feelings away from fear and towards Love. Through our practices we can develop an Innocent Wisdom. We can return to that free spirit we had as children, we can once again open to the God Source of Love. We can trust in this Love knowing that we are always protected. We can let down our shields of fear and open to love. We can release doubt. We may someday find ourselves so free of doubt and fear that we feel as innocent as a child because we went through the process of developing our adult wisdom to the point of Letting Go and Trusting. We can return to innocence with wisdom and be Free in Spirit!

Please enjoy this beautiful video:

©Irma Francis 2011