Innocent Wisdom

As children we are innocent, open channels to God/Good, we are vulnerable and free in Spirit. We are connected to “The Main Source of Love”.  Most children are not consciously aware of this connection.  In fact could it be the analyzing of adults to try to understand the theories of God that prevent them from that full connection that children have, because of their innocence they are in total trust. Unless and until something breaks that connection (which happens quite often) they go on trusting but not even knowing they are doing it.  And as often happens something of this world touches them in a way that hurts, that contradicts the innocent and free spirit of a child.  The reaction usually is one of fear and they begin to form a shield of protection to keep out the harm. If they do not have parents who can guide them back to love and openness and away from fear, (being closed and protected) they will continue to build layer after layer of protection until they are so far away from the God Source of Love that they forget their True Self. The bad news and the good news…..this happens to most of us but we can return to innocence.

As adults we know the ways of the world. There are things and people in this world that can cause harm.  As adults we can develop and strengthen our Wisdom through practicing the Principles of Mindfulness, Love and Forgiveness.  We can redirect our thoughts and feelings away from fear and towards Love. Through our practices we can develop an Innocent Wisdom. We can return to that free spirit we had as children, we can once again open to the God Source of Love. We can trust in this Love knowing that we are always protected. We can let down our shields of fear and open to love. We can release doubt. We may someday find ourselves so free of doubt and fear that we feel as innocent as a child because we went through the process of developing our adult wisdom to the point of Letting Go and Trusting. We can return to innocence with wisdom and be Free in Spirit!

Please enjoy this beautiful video:

©Irma Francis 2011


One thought on “Innocent Wisdom

  1. Hi Irma, the music is absolutely inspiring! Interestingly enough I have this CD but could never decipher the words until now. The message is just so potent. What did Jesus say “Be like little children to enter the kingdom of heaven”, or something like that. I do see you nurturing the innocence within. We must never let that go. Just to play and be joyful with an open heart.

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