I think I’m in love!

I just got back from a long walk in nature.  As I was walking and in tune with all of my senses, I realized how complete I was feeling.  I was so full of life and needed nothing.  The cold air whistling and the warmth of the sun and the contrast of the two made me so grateful for both.  So thankful that I was alive in this moment and centered in beingness.

I feel energy to my right where a group of tall pine trees are calling me.  I enter into their presence and feel so protected and sheltered.  I walk on the soft ground covered by the fallen pine needles.  The energy is rising higher and higher and I feel it pulsating through every cell within me.  Peace surrounds me and holds me within its cocoon.  I feel as if I am receiving a hug from the earth.  I stay in this embrace for the longest time and then continue on my walk.  I feel like I am floating on the energy love.  Everything my eyes fall upon has its own magic.  I am in the flow of life.  So sensual is the experience that I have a moment of feeling almost overwhelmed but it is really a sense of awe.  I am feeling what some have called the unbearable lightness of being, but it is not unbearable at all, I allow it to sweep me up in its love.  I feel as though there is this communication happening, a relationship if you will.  Then words come to my mind, “I think I am in love”.  Yes, that was it exactly I was “In Love”.  Wow!


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