We are the rainbow and….the pot of gold!

What if there is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?  What if we have not found the pot of gold because we have been seeking it outside of ourselves?  Or, sometimes even our inward spiritual pursuits with possible enlightenment as our goal can create more chasing, trying to reach the ultimate pot of gold.  All this chasing and seeking  simply because we don’t believe we already have all we could ever want or need.

If we could accept this would we live our lives differently?  Would we slow down?  Would we see, hear and honor all who cross our path?   Would we put the self-help books down?  Would we eat less, purchase less?  Would we love more?

What if we recognized……..

we are not only the rainbow but also the pot of gold!


2 thoughts on “We are the rainbow and….the pot of gold!

  1. Great reminder Irma and I love that video. I do know this. For me, it is the remembering. The further I get along my path, the quicker I remember when I forget…thanks for being one of those reminders.

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