The Witness

The Witness is the thoughtless observer within us, or a state of being in consciousness that is purely witnessing life take place without contemplating differences.  It is a state of complete acceptance without personal bias to alter the event, find fault, take credit or judge. Reactions are present but not with any forethought or designs on the outcome, going with the flow in a thoughtless state of observing, which consequently is minus the doer or ego. The Witness is the Soul’s first contact in consciousness, the birth state of being, before the mind developed with a personality causing the Doer to step into the picture. The Soul, Self, or Awareness is the Watcher of all and on its own sees nothing but Eternity and God, but when the Watcher is attached to consciousness it turns into the Witness of the world. Then the witness eventually turns into the Doer after staking claim in the world as an independent thinker, so the mislead mind is the doer, and the witness is consciousness without thinking, and the pure Watcher is Reality without the witness. Cultivating the pure Witness back into the forefront of your life is the purpose of meditations and a very important step for the Spiritual Seeker.

Reclaiming the universal witness that exists in all living creatures, can be done during active times and inactive times. These different states of witnessing are both relatively hard to master, however well worth the effort, and the inactive Witness is the most important part of spirituality. Meditation techniques are geared towards different states of witnessing, and the experiences that follow are milestones on the spiritual path. Any activity in life can be done by remaining in the moment as the Witness, and this is a good step in getting control of the mind by falling back into the Witness, keeps the mind at bay. Many spiritual experiences happen within different layers, but experiences in the “Samadhi State” are on a deeper level yet, which can change your outlook or understanding on life and God. In all cases, besides the finale awakening, the experiences are an indication of transitional periods in spiritually, which can be good or scary, and usually untranslatable.

The spiritual process through meditation delivers emotional stability and balance into one’s life, and it can also help you control the direction of your mind. The constant redirection towards spiritual techniques or being the Witness strengthens your control over the mind, allowing you to guide it and find the advance stages of thoughtless meditating. The pure Witness of this basic formless life force (consciousness) within is the last meditating stage before one slips into the “Samadhi State”, which is beyond observing. It can be a long process, depending of course on your determination, but keeping the mind in silent repose is the key cornerstone to Enlightenment or Self-realization. For then, there is no way to go but further in, now that the world is rendered useless, discarded as the primary attention getter you create a new focus on the Eternal God.

The above practices are helpful in quieting the false self and can lead to a sense of awakening, if this is what we believe we need to do.  I personally believe these practices help to open us to accepting grace, which is always there waiting.

The One Ultimate Reality offers no self-help teaching, path, practice, course, seminar, or therapy: all of those are made by egos and for egos. The Teachings Of the few True Incarnations who have lived are Founded primarily on Grace; and secondarily on the follower’s passionate inviting and allowing of, and thus participation in, That Grace. The true follower is looking to Reality to be Used and Consumed By That, rather than to use and consume It.

What is enlightenment?
It is nothing. It is not an event that occurs, but is ever-present, already existing in everything. This needs to be strongly emphasized, because most people make the mistake of thinking of it as some kind of dramatic happening, some kind of “spiritual experience.” No, it is simply the fading away of ignorance, and the realization of our true nature, which is unbounded, limitless, beyond the realm of space and time. This fading of ignorance is happening slowly in everything and in everybody. Everything is moving back toward the knowing of reality, which is revealed only when ignorance is gone.
~Tim Gerchmez

We are never left without a witness of the Eternal, and in our greatest moments- in those flash-like visions of mystic grandeur- we know that we are made of eternal stuff, fashioned after a Divine Pattern.

~ Ernest Holmes ~

*If you wish to learn more about the Samadhi State, this site explains it well

I have no personal connection to this site.  There are many ways to learn about the Samadhi State.


6 thoughts on “The Witness

  1. Dear Irma, I love the information about the witness and its role in our lives. may i quote you? with a link back to your site? I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you so very much, Lois Anne Smith, Ellicott City, Maryland.

  2. One of the most “significant” things I have done…or perhaps one can do…is learn to observe. That has been so very healing and helpful for me. To observe my pain instead of reacting to it. Thanks for the great reminder. It is easy to get caught up things and forget to just observe them…and for me, observing them without judgement is the key.

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