Fear is just pent-up beauty

To transform fear into love we have to embrace the fear and see it as a gift.  Resisting, denying or trying to run from fear as if it were a fire-breathing dragon will only exhaust us in the end. We cannot run forever.  When we turn to face the dragon we see the gift it holds for us. The gift is that fear is just pent-up beauty.  Fear holds blocked energy, blocked life that has been festering and not going anywhere.  When we accept the fear, that blocked energy is released and transformed and we are free to fly!


One thought on “Fear is just pent-up beauty

  1. I love it. Can’t run forever – great point. The thought of it wears me out. Fear is just pent-up beauty – what a wonderful way to soften the tension that comes with fear. And my favorite – free to fly! It just makes me feel sooooo good. Love it, love it, love it. The image is perfect too.

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