Second Innocence

In my morning pondering I started to replay in my mind a part of a conversation I had with a friend yesterday.  I was wondering why this particular part of the conversation was rising up to be replayed.  What this usually means is there is something that was unsettling and I have a need to replay it, to catch what I might have missed in the original conversation.  Kind of like when a sports game keeps doing a replay so they can see what they might have missed and need to see more clearly in order to make the right call.

In my replay I could hear myself saying to my friend, “I am so naïve”.  I repeated this multiple times.  I believe I also said that I think I always have been and may always be “naïve” to one degree or another.  As I was saying this I was feeling like my naïveté somehow was a detriment.  But, what I realized in my replay is that my naïveté has also been my saving grace.  It has allowed me to be open-minded and open-hearted.  It has allowed me to stay softened through life’s challenges.  It has allowed grace to carry me through my darkest hours.

The following is an excerpt from a book I have been reading.  As synchronicity would have it, this is the page I opened up to after my replay and determining the right “call” for me.

As we leave magical thinking in the sandbox of our mind, we can find a deeper magic, the magic of awakening beyond what we think ourselves to be.  There is a remarkable innocence in this, not a naïve or gullible innocence but a second innocence, a deeply awakened innocence through which our intimacy with the Mystery of Being ripens ever further, leaving us not longing for Home but sitting at the hearth, resting in the magic of everyday, grateful to be here one more day.  ~ Spiritual Bypassing by Robert Masters ~


4 thoughts on “Second Innocence

  1. Okay, I’ve just got to say it…. that is such a cute picture of you as a little girl, how very sweet!

    I’m even more impressed that you know about Michael Hedges. He is relatively unknown but one of the great guitar players and composers of our times. It’s so sad he died at a young age due to an unfortunate auto accident.

  2. This is such a lovely post and so true. I only turned my naivety from a negative to a positive last year. I have been taunted about it for years but when someone so close to me called me naive in a negative way I got so mad that I said to myself that it is no longer a detriment. I didn’t expect it to last but it worked and after that I actually started to see how it helps me in life. To think that once upon a time I wished I was different. Hopefully lots of people read your post and realize it is a plus 🙂

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