My morning pondering brought up a review of a concept that was brought to my attention, that has proved to be beneficial in my personal growth.  The concept revolves around two seemingly simple words that hold great impact; these words are Both-And.

So many times in my life I am tempted to go into a place of judgment, a place of right and wrong.  This creates either-or thinking, which in turn sets up a win-lose situation.  We can never find peace from the position of win-lose, we will only find peace when we allow for win-win, Both-And.    

It is so easy to fall into the way of “doing”.  However in order to be in a place of “being” we must let go of judgment.  In order to truly live with a non-dualistic mind we must be willing to move into Both-And.  This brings acceptance of all.  It takes us out of black and white thinking.  It brings us out of our polarized positions and opens our minds and hearts.  This is true Unity.

I can easily fall prey to judgment of my own self, my thoughts, my feelings etc. Especially if I want to show the world what a loving and “good” person I am.  It is so easy to want to believe that we are the “good guy” in this story of life.  But in all reality we all have so-called good and bad within us.  We all have light and dark within us.  We only become One within ourselves when we embrace Both-And.  It is so important to integrate the seemingly two sides of ourselves.  If and until we do we will never have peace.  We will always be fighting against something in ourselves or seeing a fight outside of ourselves.

My prayer today is that we all find a way to move from us and them thinking to we thinking.  After all we are on this ship called Mother Earth together and none of us will get out of here alive.  We may as well relax and enjoy the ride and each other.  What affects one of us affects all of us.

So my goal today is to be kind to myself while I learn to embrace true oneness, true non-duality.  The sunny side of me along with the storms, for I am Both-And.


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