Lover Earth

Today I am so grateful for the sunshine, wind, birds, life….

My connection to the earth has been life long.   It has been my friend, my protector, something I could always depend upon.

I was so aware from a young age of being one with the earth.  I could feel its unconditional love.  When I allow myself to be totally present, I understand that the life that flows through me is the same life that flows through all, from the tiniest insect to the mightiest mountain.

Thank you Lover Earth.

The youtube below is so beautiful….if you watch it you might want to have a tissue at hand.


One thought on “Lover Earth

  1. Yes, in order to heal we must reestablish our connection with earth, our sacred mother. Andrew Wei states that for any health condition we must spend some time in nature to facilitate healing. So many of the ills we witness is due to the loss of this sacred connection. We forget where we came from.

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