Irma Francis

Irma - Pic - Blue (2)

Irma Francis loves to celebrate the good in life and in people.

Living with integrity Irma is straightforward and direct without hidden agendas.  She believes that within all of us there is a place of love and wholeness.  Her purpose is to stoke that love and wholeness within herself and others bringing those energies higher and higher as we move closer and closer to one day living in a world of love, peace and harmony.

4 thoughts on “Irma Francis

  1. Irma – It’s 2:30pm 11-09-11. In the post “Highest Good” and I can see the words “Leave a Comment” — but they are greyed out, not “active” to the end user. That’s why I came over to this page (About Irma Francis) to leave the message. It’s all systems go!

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