Falling In Love With God (be love now ~ ram dass)


Falling in love is a desire to merge with, to be completely immersed in love and be loved by the beloved.  You want to know your beloved more and more intimately.

True, sometimes you have to prime the pump before your heart is open enough to love that deeply.  You begin a process of purification to get into a position to fall in love with God.  You become disciplined not out of guilt, shame of moral responsibility, but out of an incredible yearning to be pure enough to be with God.

There is no time off in this game, not because anybody’s keeping score, but because you can’t stand moving away from the light. The longing and despair of separation wake you up. 

In this loving moment you begin to appreciate a new way of being. When you stop for a moment, when you dive into the presence of this moment, the drama goes on, but it’s all just love. You just climb into this moment.  Being in the moment moves you out of time.  It’s the timeless moment.  In the moment is eternity.  In the moment is God.

In this loving awareness of each moment there is also surrender, surrender to the moment, to your soul.

Then when you look at another being, you are looking at love.  Sooner or later you are going to be in love with the whole universe. You’ll be sitting in a place where it’s all just one love.  You are love, you are with love. You are in the state of love with all beings.

We learn how to love the universe just the way it is. We learn how to see the universe as the beauty of God’s law made manifest.  We learn how to accept the responsibility that we are all one consciousness in many bodies.  We are One Family.

Love is what’s melding the universe together.  You love everybody and everything more and more until you love all things in the universe, and you identify with all things and become the One.  When you dive into the One, you find emptiness, because there’s no experiencer in the One.  The love brings about that melding, that jump from being everything to being nothing, from being somebody to being nobody.

Love is the emotional color of the soul.  Unconditional love is the color of enlightenment, unfettered by personal barriers or distinctions, devoid of ego, yet reflecting the highest Self. It’s like sunlight unfiltered by clouds or the taste of water from the purest spring. 

~be love now~ ram dass

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