Under the Radar

Yesterday I had a long conversation with my youngest son about conscious awareness, wholeness and spirituality. We also talked about our society and our perception that it is focused on materialistic consumerism, shallowness and pretense. We shared a sadness in the fact that we live in a society that is lacking authenticity and true connection.

I consider my son to be a very authentic person of high intelligence, sensitivity and presence. He is not loud, demanding and attention seeking. He has a quiet demeanor and would not necessarily be noticed in a crowd. You will not find him on Facebook boasting and collecting “friends”. He currently works in a library and has completed his education towards teaching Art. He is one of the most secure humanly and spiritually evolved people I know. He will most likely create a life to match who he is. Will this bring him riches and fame? Maybe not. Will he live a life of authenticity and contentment? Probably so.


The conversation with my son got me thinking about what motivates people towards lives of pretense or lives of authenticity? I believe that most people are seeking attention in order to feel validated. In a sense they are trying to prove their worth. So the more money, materialism, fame, spotlight on stage they can create the more valid they might feel. But what is the price for this kind of success? To me success is living a life based on authenticity and core values.

From a young age I have used creative writing as a way to validate myself and to stay connected to my personal truth, my essence/my soul. This is what I am doing as I write posts for this blog. It does not matter if anyone ever reads it. It is more or less a personal diary. It is me talking to me.

If I am able to encourage others to live a life of authenticity that would be a bonus. Mayybe if we work together towards a society based on authentic living we will evolve into a society of connection, depth, love and compassion. I believe it is possible, one day, one person at a time.

As I review my values I realize that I may live a life that is “under the radar” but it is an authentic life as I already know my worth and have nothing to prove.

1. Connection to Source
2. Mindfulness
3. Family
4. Overall Health
5. Independence
6. Unconditional Love
7. Trust
8. Silence
9. Integrity
10. Respect
11. Equality
12. Vulnerability
13. Communication
14. Creativity
15. Stability
16. Simplicity
17. Growth
18. Order
19. Commitment
20. Encouragement
21. Contribution
22. Comfort
23. Wholeheartedness
24. Joy
25. Authenticity

Enjoy my blog and leave a comment and/or start a discussion if you wish to do so!

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