Loving Fear


This morning I am contemplating on the two most powerful energies in our universe, love and fear.  I am realizing that it is not possible to deny that I have both energies flowing through me.  It does not seem logical to me that I can rid myself of fear by denying it or resisting it.   It seems to me the only way to have love be the leading energy in my life is to love fear. 

Everything I understand love to be would never try to control or resist what is.  I feel that it is the resistance of fear, the wanting to get rid of fear that causes it to stick to me like glue.  To me one of the main actions of love is allowing.  Ultimately true love is unconditional.  When we try to eliminate fear we put a condition on it and this is done from the energy of fear not love.  Fear cannot rid fear, control cannot rid fear, only allowing and accepting it can we ever release our self from the exhausting task of trying to control it.  Always the answer to peace, love, joy, and harmony is found in letting go and allowing  something higher than our small conditioned mind to take the lead.  

I relate love and fear to light and dark.  Our world exists of both we cannot have one without the other.  We would not know our wholeness if we did not accept that we have within us light and shadow, this is what creates depth.   It is through the acceptance of everything as it is that we are set free.  To me this is what it means to be liberated, a true form of enlightenment.